‘As a Drumming and dance instructor with 17 years experience, I can tell you for a fact that Jennifer Moss is incredible and amazing talented drumming and dancer teacher. I have work with her for about three months touring her country New Zealand and saw that powerful African energy in her that always try hard to replace your sadness with joy ...I really really had a fantastic tour with her and she is a great teacher you can ever have close to you.’
Bismark Danyo

‘Jennifer Moss is an inspirational teacher who transcends age, experience and confidence levels, I felt nervous when I arrived at her class but by the end I was singing, drumming and had the best time I have had in years!’

‘Would like to share my experience to anyone who wishes to find their voice. I found mine this week with Jennifer at her studio. 
For some time I have been searching for a safe, supportive environment where I could tap into my singing. 
But I needed encouragement and direction. Thank you Jennifer Moss for your expertise and kindness, your colourfulness and spunk.’

‘I want to thank you immensely for guiding me into the drumming world. A wonderful human being & teacher. Love the thoughtful & gentle ways you challenge me on new rhythm patterns...with such great patience. I’m having so much fun and always looking forward to my next lesson.’

‘Jen is a powerhouse of explosive goodness, her skilled facilitation allowed our group the space to explore and transform the grief and loss of a loved one, into an extraordinary expression of great love, respect, joy and hope.’
Wairemana Campbell (Senior Maori Adviser MOH)

‘Really enjoyed my drum dancing sessions with Jen. Her enthusiasm is contagious and she encouraged us all to dance like nobody was watching. Would love to do it again!’

‘I was impressed with your teaching techniques-no wonder everyone loves you as a teacher!’

‘I have had the pleasure of working with Jennifer for almost two years now. She is very energetic and passionate about African Drumming and Dance. Jennifer teaches with contagious enthusiasm and positivity. I thoroughly recommend attending Manawatu African Dance classes to everyone. Feel the rhythm and move with joy!’
  Robert Fugah

‘She teaches with a spirit and enthusiasm that makes African dance accessible, and possible, for anyone.'

‘For my whole life I’ve been hampered by my belief that I couldn’t sing. I’ve had my first lesson with Jennifer, who somehow has with kindness & understanding, helped me realize I can sing!!!!!!. She is professional, caring and just the right person to help with a deep rooted belief & fear. Thank you Jennifer.‘
Vocal coaching student

‘Jennifer is an awesome teacher. 
Attending sessions was fun and not at all daunting.’
     MUG member

‘We LOVED your session: education, entertainment and innovation all rolled into one.’
    Esther Bukholt, Community Recreation & Sport Project Manager

‘Our team found Jennifer’s drumming workshop fun and invigorating. Even the least musical of us were able to engage and enjoy while the more musical were stretched and challenged. Jennifer’s skill, humour and engaging style made it a valuable time for the team to have fun together and see each other in a totally new way! I strongly recommend this to other groups and teams for a valuable use of time.’
    Mark Rainier, Head: Student Counselling & Career Services, Massey  University (Manawatu)

‘Jennifer is a talented musician and teacher who makes you believe that you do have more than one musical bone in your body. Anyone can sing, even me!’
     MCC member

‘The local ‘walk in the door and you’re in’ ensemble, under the infectious effervescence of director Jennifer Moss...’
   Richard Mays, The Tribune

‘Jennifer Moss provided interactive drumming sessions at our 2013 A&P Show, the drumming was fantastic both visually and audibly, it catered to every age group at the show encouraging participation from everyone and all sessions were busy. Jennifer’s teaching style is simplistic, her enthusiasm for all things music is infectious and she can have a bunch of strangers sounding like rock stars in no time at all.’
Celine Filbee, Egmont A&P Association

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