Manawataki is Palmerston North’s African drumming ensemble.

Reshaping traditional African percussion with their own Manawatu spin. The drummers of Manawataki love African grooves and look forward to sharing their passion with you.  They wowed the crowd at Africa Day and Festival of Cultures and will get your crowd up and dancing!

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Check us out in action HERE!

Contact: Jennifer

Manawataki is:

Jennifer Moss

Elaine Bishop

Jacqui Kelly

Julie Nolan

Nicky Rees

Adrienne VanOpdorp

Sam Veale

Sanae Yamauchi


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Are YOU keen to be in Manawataki?

I am always happy to speak to you about involvement and a possible audition. Flick me an email.

One Night In Africa

Photos: Ler LaMadrid