Let me give you the tools to further express your unique voice. Happy to work with all genres.

I can help you with-



-vocal colour

-expression & interpretation

-voice maintenance

-repertoire choice


-finding confidence to sing! 16+

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initial 1 on 1 session, to discuss your needs & experience my teaching.

I’m excited to work with you!

Have you always wanted to have private vocal coaching?

Sing in a band...duo...group?

Need help with your voice...vocal confidence?

‘For my whole life I’ve been hampered by my belief that I couldn’t sing. I’ve had my first lesson with Jennifer, who somehow has with kindness & understanding, helped me realize I can sing!!!!!!. She is professional, caring and just the right person to help with a deep rooted belief & fear. Thank you Jennifer.‘

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‘I was impressed with your teaching techniques-no wonder everyone loves you as a teacher!’